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Lost and Found Again



A spark ignited when Suzanne Fowler saw Gregory Reed across a crowded room. Twenty years later, a chance meeting gives them the opportunity to revisit the spark and find out if it can turn into a blaze. Wiser, more experienced and established in their lives and careers, will they grab this opportunity and view it as a gift? Or will they declare their time has passed and not seize the moment?


“May I have one of your cards?” he asked, as he removed one of his own from his inside jacket pocket.

“Sure,” Suzanne nervously replied, handing him one with a slight tremor as she accepted his. “Reed Enterprises in Atlanta,” she murmured.

Their slow steps, which were outpaced by their galloping heartbeats, moved them towards the West Foyer.

“That’s where I’m based, although my work takes me all over the world,” Greg said. He stopped walking and stared directly at Suzanne with open interest. “Just as your work has taken you around the world since we last peeked across a room at each other twenty years ago.”

Oh. My. God. He remembers, Suzanne stopped and winced. Meeting his gaze she said, “I didn’t think you would remember something so fleeting and inconsequential.”

“Far from inconsequential. I wanted to get to know you better,” Greg said, as he continued walking. “Why did you run?”

“Because I had absolutely nothing of importance to say besides ‘hi, how are you?’ I refused to be another person in your face just to be in your face.” She’d seen the way everyone flocked to him and monopolized his time and didn’t want to act like a groupie. Too late, she realized she’d missed an opportunity to speak to him at all and for weeks afterward thought of that night with deep regret.

“You were the only person that I wanted to be in my face that night. Are you married or in a relationship?” Greg asked.

Eyes widened, she swallowed hard before responding. “No, I’m not. Why?”

“Neither am I. I want to get to know you better, and we don’t have twenty years to waste again.”