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Rua do Chao de Feira, which means ‘street fairground’, is located in front of the main door at the Castelo de São Jorge (Castle of Saint George), the premier tourist attraction in Lisbon. The castle, built by Moors during the medieval period of Portugal, sits on a hilltop overlooking the city center and the Tagus River, which is also partially visible in the background.

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A medieval cannon, on a wall overlooking the city, was used to protect the citadel Castelo de São Jorge.

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Built in the early 16th Century, Belém Tower is a fortification located on the banks of the Tagus River. A UNESCO World Heritage site, it played a significant role in Portuguese maritime discoveries during the European Age of Exploration.

Sounds Abound 

I've created playlists on Pandora and Spotify in support of my debut novel, Lost and Found Again, which will be released by Garden Avenue Press in May 2019. The selected songs are either mentioned in the book or provided inspiration during the writing process.

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Pandora: https://www.pandora.com/station/4217443764558119241

Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/playlist/29Gtl5dQmX7zbuKb5dgzgW?si=gbMWxmVDRXqj1frpVHdvhA


  1. Dee Alexander - This Bitter Earth

  2. Nicolas Bearde - Come Back to Me

  3. Nicolas Bearde - I Want to Talk About You

  4. Ronnie Dyson - I Think I’ll Tell Her

  5. Ronnie Dyson - Just Don’t Want to Be Lonely

  6. Ronnie Dyson - One Man Band

  7. Isaac Hayes - I Stand Accused

  8. The Isley Brothers - Brown Eyed Girl

  9. The Isley Brothers - Make Me Say It Again Girl (Part 1 & 2)

  10. Kem - Love Calls

  11. Stephanie Mills - I Have Learned to Respect the Power of Love

  12. Stephanie Mills - Keep Away Girls

  13. The O’Jays - I Want You Here with Me

  14. Lou Rawls - I’d Rather Drink Muddy Water

  15. Tammi Terrell - Come On and See Me